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  • “I felt really relaxed during and after the treatment.  It is a completely different experience to seeing your GP.  Davy will now always be my first port of call.”
  • “Not only feeling my energy is better but I feel happier too.  I really like the idea of being myself again, give myself a little lift.  Thank you for your treatment Davy.  Looking forward to seeing you next week.”

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Robert T. Reply
August 9, 2017

Hi, Excellent treatment last week. Thank you.

Roy Barnett Reply
August 18, 2017

Last year I was in such pain with osteoarthritis in both knees as a result of playing squash and badminton for my whole adult life, that I asked a specialist surgeon to operate and replace both knees. The surgeon said they were not bad enough to operate on and that I should take tablets to relieve the pain. I was taking 600mg of Ibuprofen every time I went out for the day.
Desperate for a solution to the pain I started seeing Davy who prescribed acupuncture and herbal medicine as I was also perspiring profusely at night for no apparent reason. Davy was confident that, while not able to cure the osteoarthritis, he could help me manage the pain.
Acupuncture by a professional like Davy was the help I needed to undo the years of punishment I put my knees through. I have not taken Ibuprofen for pain for the past eleven months. I don’t have any pain anywhere now and only have slight pain when I walk, sit or stand for long periods. One thing I have learnt it that you have to persist. You can’t expect the treatment to work after only a few sessions. I now see Davy every two to three weeks just to maintain the good work he did.

Nick Reply
September 2, 2017

My wrist and lower arm was very painful following years of tennis. Davy examined me and started acupuncture over four weeks. Each week the pain reduced and is now gone. I pop in every 5-6 weeks for top up treatment and all is good. Thank you.

Sue Woodd Reply
September 20, 2017

Davy is an extremely competent practitioner who I would not hesitate to recommend to all my clients and students. He has had an amazing effect on my Chi Sue Yoga and Tai chi teacher

Mark S Reply
November 2, 2017

I came to Davy with some strange autoimmune and chronic fatigue syndrome problem caused by travel vaccines. Originally I was reacting to drinking water. This was at the start of August 2017, now in start of Nov 2017 I am so much better and much more like my original old self before I became ill. He gave careful guidance on diet and how to solve everyday problems. Also gave me herbs which control the problem well and his acupuncture was very effective.

Deborah Lee Reply
November 29, 2017

I was in London last year and was suffering from some sleeping problems. I did not want to rely on sleeping pills and had visited Davy’s clinic. He treated me with acupuncture and herbal medicine. It was very effective, I slept very well the rest of my trip. Davy was attentive and professional.

Deb Reply
December 16, 2017

I was diagnosed with PCOS after trying for a baby for over a year. I was devastated because I had no idea what it was or how hard it would be to conceive. I decided to try and make some changes. I got exercising and eating better resulting in weight loss and more frequent periods, but after some time, I still wasn’t pregnant and didn’t know what to do. I heard about acupuncture and researched online how it could help me and what it entailed. I had nothing to lose and went for it. I saw that Davy was local to me and decided to arrange an appointment. It was the best decision I made. It is by no means a simple have the procedure done and that’s it. No, you still need to make lifestyle changes which Davy advises you on and attend your appointments regularly. At each session I felt relaxed even though the idea of needles is scary. It is a strange sensation but I always felt like my body was going through some changes during and after. Long story short, I got my positive result just two months later which was a big surprise. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you for everything Davy. You’ve changed my life.

Patrick Jones Reply
February 9, 2018

Davy came highly recommend to me.
He recognized my condition immediately and over several courses of treatment he has eliminated my pain and placed me on a path of maintenance.
After nearly a year of pain, Davy has turned me around.
Thank you!

Julie willmott Reply
February 21, 2018

I have been attending acupuncturist Davey for vertigo for the past five weeks. My vertigo has completely gone. During the consultation Davey identified other problems which he has also worked on. I feel like a different person. Thank you Davey for finding me again. Would highly reccomend. Excellent

Sophia Reply
June 1, 2018

I started seeing Davey in January, I was suffering awfully from eczema all over my face and neck. I wasn’t able to do a full weeks work for 6 months as I was so self conscious. I came across Daveys website and thought I’d give Chinese medicine a go… After one month of seeing Davey and taking the medication religiously and following his nutritional advice my face was practically eczema free. I could not believe how quickly it worked for me – 6 months on and I am pretty much eczema free. I had tried everything the doctors had prescribed me and nothing seemed to work as western medicine treats skin conditions from the outside in (by applying creams and taking antibiotics) Davey told me he would treat my condition from the inside out by drinking Chinese tea – this is the only medication that has worked for me! I would really recommend you to give Davey a call and make an appointment if you suffer from eczema because his medicine really does work and it has enabled me to get my life back on track.

Thank you Davey!! 🙂

Joan Reply
August 20, 2018

I went to see Davy due to my very severe eczema (called Discoid) that wont go away unless I continue to take steroid pills. On top of that, I was also suffering from on and off colitis for which I have taken western medicine for. Within two weeks of seeing Davy and drinking chinese herbal medicine prescribed by Davy, I saw a big improvement on my colitis. As my eczema was so severe, it took slightly longer to see the improvement. After 1 year of my constant visit to Davy (every 2/3 weeks), taking the herbal medicine religiously and changing my diet….I can say that my colitis is definitely gone and my eczema is very much under control with occasional spots. We are now working on reducing the amount of herbal medicine that I have to take each day in the hope that I will be able to stop having it one day and be completely free of Eczema and Colitis. I would highly recommend Davy who is very gentle, patient and someone who listen to you. If nothing else has worked, my advice to you is to give chinese medicine a go.

Caroline Reply
September 2, 2018

I can not recommend Davy highly enough. I went to him in a state of despair – increase in my depressive symptoms I’ve had for several years, work stress and menopausal mood swings. Firstly he carried out his initial assessment in a thorough, yet compassionate way, which was challenging as I was crying a lot. He devised a treatment plan – twice a week for two weeks to kick start and weekly thereafter. Within the two weeks I was able to smile again and within 7 weeks I am back at work on a phased return. My depressive symptoms have lessened and I feel I am able to function again. He is a kind and caring man too, without being at all patronising. thank you Davy

Austin McMaster Reply
January 2, 2019

Davy was fantastic. Really listened and understood in consultation and offered helpful and important advice on diet and lifestyle. In terms of the treatment it was my first time and I can honestly say I felt much better after. Davy obviously has a lot of experience in this field and I would recommend him to anyone who is considering acupuncture.

Samantha Jones Reply
January 6, 2019

Davy’s treatment is both effective and far reaching as he assesses your overall condition and looks to bring the body into balance. I found my health improving in a number areas. My skin improved dramically after only a few treatments, however after a number of treatments I felt much better overall. I would not hesitate to recommend Davy and it is worth persisting with the recommended course.

Julie willmott Reply
February 23, 2019

After attending very successful treatments for vertigo with Davy I decided to continue visiting to maintain my wellbeing. After chatting about my travel sickness Davy said he could help that too. I have recently been on holiday and haven’t had to take any travel tablets, which is some mean feat as I had a 12 hour flight, two coach trips and a boat trip !!! I can’t tell you how this has changed my life when could even be a passenger in a car. Davy you will always be my go to acupuncturist. Thank you so much.

Julie willmott Reply
March 3, 2019

I have been seeing Davy for over a year now after successful treat for vertigo. I still attend regular appointment to maintain my wellbeing. After chatting recently I decided to have some treatment for travel sickness. I have suffered since I was a child and after a recent trip I put the treatment to the test. After a 12 hour flight , over 8 hours on a coach trip, and a boat trip not a sign of anything. Thank you Davy it makes so much difference to travelling. You are my go to Accupunturist it is life changing.

Ann J Reply
March 8, 2019

I consider myself to be a very difficult patient to treat. In the past I had a partially blocked artery so GP put me on a low fat diet. I lost too much weight. 5years ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and joined a yoga class, although the rolling about on a hard wooden floor hurt my low back. From. Y mum I inherited migraine, vascular disease in legs,poor circulation in one leg and osteoarthritis. Also damage to nerve endings due to long term side effects of an anticoagulant in legs. From my father I inherited an acidic stomach. Strong painkillers given to me by doctors has made acid stomach permanent despite gastro coated antacids. After being on waiting list I had a minor operation on right knee which did not work. Orthopaedic surgeons refused to operate on me because I cannot take strong painkillers. The arthritis spread very quickly to shoulders,fingers,hips and elbows. i have not had a proper nights sleep in a long time. I saw a pain management doctor who suggested double dosing with some pills which only made me feel spaced out. More recent X-rays showed arthritis in neck and bone spurs in spine. Head surgeon suggested I see an acupuncturist and I found Davy. I am very sensitive to pain and of a nervous disposition. I find Davy,s treatment couch comfortable. I cannot meditate because of the pain in my knees in particular,so try to relax and think of happier times. I am now taking herbal medicine with a view to trying to get the inflammation more manageable with some success, but it depends on the weather. The OA will never go. Changes to diet have been suggested by Davy. I am stuck with 2 of the worst illnesses and life is not easy. I continue with a weekly treatment session and thank Davy for his patience.

Ann J Reply
March 8, 2019

I have fibromyalgia and inherited from my mum migraine,osteoarthritis and vascular problems in legs. From dad I inherited an acidic stomach so cannot take strong painkillers. I was turned down by orthopaedic surgeons. One of them recommended acupuncture. In the meantime the arthritis has spread. I found Davy a few weeks ago. Although I cannot be cured I have been taking herbal medication which has helped with the knees inflammation depending on the weather. He is well qualified and treatment takes place in a calm atmosphere. Dietary advice is also given. I just have to try and take one day at a time.

Jonathan Sandall Reply
March 10, 2019

I have only recently started consulting Dr Leung but am already noticing some big benefits – sleeping better, more energy, generally feeling more positive! So far, my treatment has been a prescription of Chinese herbs made up in easy to take sachets to Davy’s own recipe. Have to say, I quite like the taste, which might not be everyone’s reaction. If you are looking for a way to feel better, healthier and just lighter and more alive, then see Davy!

Nicola Stansfield Reply
March 23, 2019

Davy was very knowledgable and gave me great advice on mine and my partners IVF journey. I highly recommend the excellent professional service Davy offers and am looking forward to my next acupuncture appointment.

Rita Phillips Reply
June 15, 2019

I discovered Davy from the foot clinic and after breaking my wrist and also hurting my back and having exhausted all other options I went to see him, after three sessions my back was absolutely fine and after a further session my wrist was very much improved. Davy has a lovely gentle manner and I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Carmen Wong Reply
June 15, 2019

I have been seeing Davy for the past few months for skin problems. Davy provided advice on diet/lifestyle and Chinese herbs. Since starting the treatment, I’ve been really happy with the results. My skin has dramatically improved. If you are looking for an alternative to Western medicine, please go see Davy!

Jenny Asquith Reply
September 24, 2019

I came to Davy for help with skin problems which I have had for a long time. Davy was incredibly helpful and offered me some lifestyle tips along with accupuncture sessions and herbs. I would definitely recommend the Longevity Clinic if you want to treat your body holistically and naturally.

Louisa Dunwiddie Reply
September 29, 2019

I’ve been seeing Davy for the last few months for a variety of conditions and have been absolutely delighted with the experience. He takes a very holistic approach to wellness, listening attentively and provides a wealth of advice and information. Treatments have been extremely effective and I will continue to recommend him to friends and family!

Choi Cheung Reply
November 3, 2019

After 6 months of physio with no further progress on relieving the pain from my tennis elbow, 4 acupuncture sessions with Davy has sorted it as well as taking a holistic view of my general health. Would highly recommend

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